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It started as a challenge to Canadians to come up with great new ideas to support healthy aging. The AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge triggered a flood of video submissions.

Eight finalists will compete for over $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes at a live pitch event in Vancouver, BC, where they will showcase how their solution could positively impact older Canadians or their caregivers.

The eight finalists are:


Gluu Inbox: The First Inbox Designed Just for Older Adults: Email is a critical form of communication but poses one of the greatest online security risks older adults face. Gluu Inbox makes it easier to use email securely, avoid scams, manage attachments, and stay connected. View video

Mysteries for Seniors: “Mysteries for Seniors” will be an interactive, relaxing, and non-threatening virtual environment which will allow seniors to exercise their memory and practice cognitive tasks while having fun and socializing with their peers.  View video

Adaptive Clothing Redefined: It’s all in the design. Monarch has developed an innovative, beautiful line of clothing for people who require assistance dressing. The clothing eases the dressing process, protects the skin, is comfortable and looks great. View video

Schedule Management System: The Schedule Management System is a facility-wide system that schedules and shares tasks with the facility staff. The system will allow seniors to create a profile, attached to their unit number, that logs and reschedules regular activities. View video

MouvMat: MouvMat is an interactive digital gaming surface that is designed for older adults to encourage physical activity in a social and engaging way. Our goal is to improve the physical and cognitive health of older adults. View video

Marlena Books App: The Marlena Books app brings reading to life for individuals with later-stage dementia. Our digital reading platform incorporates accessibility features such as graduated reading levels, personalization, audio support and automatic page turning. View video The Smart Clinical Assessment Assistant: is an intelligent and portable assistant for functional and cognitive assessments. This smart device uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze older adults’ physical function and cognition at the bedside to optimize clinical decision support. View video

ARCtag: ARCtag is an automated, rapid communication tool to enhance safety during guided hikes and outdoor recreation tours for seniors. The device detects if someone falls, stops moving, gets separated or signals for help. View video

Read more about the finalists here.

Read the media release here.

Competition Terms and Conditions

The AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge aims to identify great new ideas for technology-based solutions that will improve the quality of life of older Canadians and/or their caregivers.

The live pitch competition will be held on October 17, 2018 at the AGE-WELL Annual Conference in Vancouver.



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