Judith Sixsmith

Judith Sixsmith is Professor of Public Policy at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada and Professor of Public Health Improvement and Implementation at the University of Northampton, UK. Her research interests lie in the areas of public health and social care where she explores the ways in which people living in disadvantaged communities experience processes of marginalisation within our social systems. Often working within collaborative, gendered, participatory and transdisciplinary approaches, Judith has directed several research projects on issues of ageing and technology, ageing-in-place, healthy ageing, dementia, and social inclusion. An expert in qualitative methodologies, Judith prioritises the involvement of participants in the design, implementation and interpretation phases of her research. As such, she has effectively involved co-researchers from highly marginalised groups such as asylum seekers, refugees and older frail people within qualitative frameworks.  Judith has also conducted survey and questionnaire studies, again reaching seldom heard groups. She has published widely in the fields of ageing, health and community/environmental psychology, alongside publications concerning the use of visual methodologies and participatory processes. Judith also acts as an expert evaluator for the European Commission.