Megan O'Connell

My main area of study is on clinical neuropsychology assessment and interventions. I practice clinically at the interdisciplinary Rural and Remote Memory Clinic. My current programs of research include neuropsychological measurement relevant to dementia and evaluation of telehealth videoconferencing for caregiver support of spouses with dementia due to FTD, and videoconferencing for exercise interventions and for delivery of cognitive rehabilitation. In addition to my work as part of the AGE-WELL NCE with a project focusing on rural/remote and Indigenous older adults'​ needs for technology; I focus on issues in rural dementia care as part of a team in the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegneration in Aging (CCNA; Team 20) where I lead a project on use of technology for remote specialist support for rural primary care providers in diagnosis and management of dementia. Finally, I am a member of the Psychology Working Group in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA) and am currently working on normative papers for the brief telephone administered neuropsychological battery and psychometric properties of the depression scale.