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Position Papers

AGE-WELL Position Paper is an official statement by the AGE-WELL NCE. It uses evidence and expert advice to summarize best practices in the technology and aging field as related to the mission and goals of the Network, including issues related to technology development and implementation, practice, and policy. Position Papers provide a rationale for decision-making and professional skills for researchers, clinicians, practitioners, care providers, industry, and policy-makers.

Topics will typically be generated from within AGE-WELL, however a topic proposal may also come from outside of the network, with sponsorship by an AGE-WELL member (i.e. a WP/CC leader, project investigator, trainee, or network partner).

AGE-WELL Position Paper Guidelines


Reports and White Papers

Disrupting Alzheimer’s: The Opportunities for Technology in Alzheimer’s Disease
AGE-WELL NCE and the Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease, September 2016

The Application of Big Data and ICT-Based Systems to Support Older Adults: A Consensus Report
AGE-WELL NCE and the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, August 2015