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AGE-WELL is a unique Canadian network that brings everyone together to develop technologies and services for healthy aging. We’re also training the next generation of innovators in this field, and making Canada a world leader in technologies that help aging populations everywhere.


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AGE-WELL is pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Solutions for Healthy Aging, one of the most dynamic and inspiring pitch competitions in Canada.
Dr. Andrew Chan had a choice between pursuing a residency after completing medical school and a career in engineering. He’s now in a position where he experiences the best of both worlds.
AltumView had caregivers and older adults in mind when they decided to use their expertise in engineering to create the Sentinare smart activity sensor.

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Join the AGE-WELL Community
The AGE-WELL Network strives to create real-world solutions that will make a meaningful impact on the lives of Canadian seniors and caregivers. Our success depends on the active involvement of people who will actually use the technologies and services developed through our research. Seniors and caregivers who are interested in contributing to AGE-WELL activities are invited to join our community. Members will receive regular updates about Network activities, including opportunities to participate in research projects, and to attend events and forums for discussion about healthy aging and technology.

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Industry and non-profits looking to partner with AGE-WELL should contact: partnerships@agewell-nce.ca.


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