2016- 2017 Strategic Investment Program

AGE-WELL invites researchers and their teams to participate in its inaugural Strategic Investment Program competition.

AGE-WELL’s Strategic Investment Program (SIP) supports opportunities that require a rapid response in order to generate, promote or accelerate economic and social benefits aligned with AGE-WELL’s mission and vision. These funds will support post-discovery commercialization, business development and knowledge dissemination, mobilization, or translation activities.

Successful projects should accelerate Canadian innovation and economic competitiveness, and improve the quality of life for older adults or caregivers.

AGE-WELL will consider proposals for knowledge mobilization and/or commercialization, including:

  • knowledge mobilization (KM), translation (KT) or exchange activities, including but not limited to, the development or implementation of KM/KT products or tools
  • commercialization of technologies, products, and/or services, including but not limited to, business development, market readiness and prototype development activities

The Strategic Investment Program funds projects of up to one (1) year in length. The maximum investment from AGE-WELL is $25,000.

Please review the detailed SIP Program Description for additional information about this opportunity.

Competition Details

Deadline: Closed

Application Instructions:

Applications will be accepted through AGE-WELL’s Forum Research Portal.

1. Access the SIP Application section of the Forum Research Portal.

  • All current AGE-WELL Network Investigators have Forum accounts and can access the SIP Application materials through the ‘My Applications‘ tab visible when the log into Forum.
  • Applicants who are not already AGE-WELL Network Investigators must first request access to Forum by emailing info@agewell-nce.ca to request an account.  Accounts will be set up within 24 hours (maximum) of receiving the request. Once an account is set up, access application materials through the ‘My Applications‘ tab visible upon login.

2. Complete the information in each section, uploading attachments as requested. Please review the SIP Application Instructions for more information.

Key Contact:

Questions about the SIP should be directed to Jeanie Zabukovec, AGE-WELL Research and Partnerships Administrator (Jeanie@agewell-nce.ca).

Competition Results

January 2016

July 2016

October 2016