AGE-WELL Affiliates Program

Affiliates Program

Through our Affiliates Program, we offer membership in a pan-Canadian knowledge community, access to AGE-WELL exclusive programming, and the opportunity to complete our EPIC research and career development program to earn the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow certificate.


In order to be considered for the AGE-WELL Affiliates Program you must be engaged in academic study or research aligned with the mission and vision of AGE-WELL.

AGE-WELL Affiliates Program Requirements
Submit an AGE-WELL Affiliates Application form via the AGE-WELL Forum Research Portal.
If accepted into the program, you will be emailed the following documents to sign and return 1) Conflict of Interest Policy 2) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure statements.
Once these have been received, you will be enrolled formally into the program.  Please update your Forum profile if necessary.
Complete the mandatory 1 hour AGE-WELL orientation either in-person or on Forum.
Complete and submit via Forum an annual report.

 Be EPIC – Earn the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow Certificate

Affiliates may choose to either participate in EPIC programming or complete the following requirements to earn the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow Certificate and showcase their transferable skills and comprehensive knowledge of the field.

Types of Activities Innovators of Tomorrow Requirements
Courses, lectures, seminars & workshops
  • 1 hour AGE-WELL orientation
  • 1 activity in KTEE
Online activities
  • 2 online activities in 2 different core competency areas
Additional Requirements
  • 1 activity selected from remaining core competency area
  • Complete a training plan
  • Annual report

*Are you already involved in an activity related to the core competencies? Let us know – it can be credited toward your Innovators of Tomorrow Certificate! A maximum of 3 non AGE-WELL activities can be credited towards the Innovators of Tomorrow Certificate.

 How to Apply Online

Once you are ready to submit an application online:

  1. You must register with the AGE-WELL Forum Research Portal at (the form will ask for your name and email).
  2. After you submit the registration form, the system will create an account and send your credentials to the email address you provided.
  3. Once you login, you will have to reset your temporary password.
  4. Click on “My Applications” located on the top of the page, select “Affiliate,” and follow the instructions listed. Your application consists of updating your “Bio” and “HQP Profile” tabs (information requested includes your institution, research or training focus, and uploading your CV).
  5. Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified via email.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact

If you would like access to the Strategic Investment ProgramCatalyst Funding Program, or Collaborative Impact Program applications, please do not use the Affiliates Application instructions. Instead, please email