AGE-WELL Early Career Researcher (ECR) Program

Since 2015, AGE-WELL has supported over 1000 HQP to think and work in the ‘AGE-WELL way,’ emphasizing co-creation, transdisciplinary working, and integrating knowledge mobilization and commercialization as project end goals. The AGE-WELL Early Career Researcher Program will support current and former AGE-WELL HQP who are within the first 5 years of their academic appointment to build high impact, independent research programs in AgeTech.

Continued AGE-WELL support will ensure that Canada has a pipeline of innovative AgeTech researchers with the drive and skills to transform the Canadian AgeTech research landscape.

Program Details


The ECR Program will provide value-added in-kind supports to all program participants including:

  • Continued membership in a pan-Canadian knowledge community
  • Access to a community of AgeTech ECRs via the AGE-WELL Slack Channel
  • Access to teaching resources such as syllabi and reading lists on our Members’ Intranet
  • Participant recruitment support via AGE-WELL social media channels
  • Trainee recruitment support via AGE-WELL social media channels and newsletters
  • Opportunities to share your research with the AGE-WELL network via social media, newsletters, and webinars
  • Facilitated connections to AGE-WELL researchers for potential collaboration with an emphasis on transdisciplinarity
  • Assigned mentorship and sponsorship matches from senior AgeTech researchers

Program participants who hold the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow Certificate and are eligible to hold Tri-Council funds will also be eligible to:

  • Apply for grants of up to $7500 to support the inclusion of older adults and caregivers in your research and/or teaching; support knowledge mobilization or commercialization activities; or fund small scale research or pilot projects to enable larger research grant applications. Applications will for these quarterly awards will be available only in Forum.
  • Apply for funded leadership roles and opportunities to complete funded research projects that support network-identified priorities. Applications for these exclusive opportunities will be circulated via email to program participants.


The program is open to all former AGE-WELL HQP who have transitioned into roles as full-time researchers holding independent research appointments and are within the first 5 years (60 months) of their appointment. To enrol, please email for an ECR “subrole” to be added to your Forum account.

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