Michael F. Harcourt Policy Fellowship

Michael F. Harcourt O.C., LL.B. is the Founding Chair of the Board for the AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE). Previously he served as the 30th Premier of British Columbia from 1991-96 and Mayor of Vancouver 1980-1986. He is a passionate believer in the power of communities to improve the human condition and has played a significant role in promoting quality of life for those in Canada and abroad. A devastating spinal cord injury in 2002 only strengthened his resolve to contribute to the transformation of communities, particularly in relation to social inclusion. Since 2011, he has demonstrated his commitment to capacity building in the public sector as the lead faculty of the United Way’s Public Policy Institute. As Chair of AGE-WELL, Mr. Harcourt has championed the next generation of leaders in the field of technology and aging and believes passionately in their ability to create real-world impact. The Michael F. Harcourt Policy Fellowship recognizes his long service and dedication to public policy as a means to effect social change, and his commitment to supporting emerging leaders across disciplines.

AGE-WELL NCE is dedicated to the creation of technologies, services, policies, and practices that benefit older adults and caregivers. We are committed to engaging and nurturing outstanding emerging scientific, industry and community leaders from across disciplines. We aim to provide a unique training environment based on scientific excellence and real-world applicability that exposes trainees to multidisciplinary research environments within a truly collaborative setting in the field of technology and aging.

The successful recipient of the Michael F. Harcourt Policy Fellowship will be supported and mentored by AGE-WELL’s knowledge mobilization, policy and governmental relations team; at least four meetings over the course of the award term are expected.

The recipient may be profiled at AGE-WELL’s Annual Conference and/or in the network’s Annual Report. The $20,000 fellowship will be awarded to one doctoral student or postdoctoral fellow. This award is subject to the training and reporting requirements of the AGE-WELL Awards. Award term: 1 September 2023-31 March 2024.

Note that applicants to the Michael F Harcourt Policy Fellowship do not need to have completed a policy-focused degree program or be employed in a policy-focused role. The fellowship is meant to encourage trainees from any discipline and training program to explore the policy dimensions of their work in the field of technology and aging.


Complete an application to the AGE-WELL Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Awards program as per established requirements. Applicants wishing to be considered for the Michael F. Harcourt Policy Fellowship will be required to submit a maximum ½ page statement that outlines their interest in policy and the potential policy implications of their work.