AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award Requirements

The nominee must have been an AGE-WELL member for at least three years.

The nominee must have made extraordinary contributions (above and beyond normal responsibilities and expectations) to the AgeTech sector, such as:

  • Teaching and education
  • Communication and public awareness
  • Recognized research
  • Design and development
  • Technology transfer
  • Clinical practice
  • Service provision
  • Manufacturing or production
  • Public policy
  • Mentorship and/or counsellorship
  • Advocacy

The nominee must have also made significant contributions to AGE-WELL through comprehensive leadership activities, like:

  • Member of the Board of Directors
  • Lead, Co-Lead, or member of an Advisory Committee
  • Lead or Co-Lead of a Workpackage, Crosscutting Activity or Challenge Area
  • Other service positions and/or leadership activities
  • Volunteerism

Nomination Process:

Nominations will be invited through an annual invitational process within the network. Nomination packages must include a cover letter from the nominator outlining why the nominee is deserving of this award, the nominee’s complete curriculum vitae, and two letters of support from AGE-WELL members (researchers, stakeholders, HQP, partners etc.).

Recommendations for new Honorary Fellows will be put forward by the Scientific Directors to the Board of Directors. New Honorary Fellows will be acknowledged publicly by AGE-WELL. Fellows will receive a subsidy to the attend AGE-WELL’s conference and/or other high profile network events. 2020 Honorary Fellows will be invited to attend AGE-WELL’s 2021 Annual Conference.

Please submit your nominations to: