AGE-WELL announces appointment of two Associate Scientific Directors

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Drs. Jennifer Campos and Josephine McMurray as Associate Scientific Directors of AGE-WELL.

Distinguished researchers and leaders, they bring tremendous knowledge and experience to their new roles at AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network.

Dr. Jennifer Campos

Dr. Jennifer Campos is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Multisensory Integration and Aging. She is Associate Director, Academic and Senior Scientist at The KITE Research Institute at University Health Network, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Campos’s research focuses on enhancing safe mobility during walking and driving under realistic and challenging conditions. This includes understanding how age-related sensory impairments (e.g., vision or hearing loss) and cognitive impairments can increase the risk of falls and vehicle collisions. Dr. Campos leads an AGE-WELL research project that is exploring whether automated vehicle technologies may be a way for people with dementia to continue driving for as long as is safely possible. Read Dr. Campos’s bio here.

“AGE-WELL pushes the boundaries of science, innovation and impact in technology and aging across Canada and beyond,” said Dr. Campos. “I am thrilled to work with and learn from AGE-WELL’s interdisciplinary researchers, stakeholders and the next generation of innovators, in collectively working towards advanced health and wellness solutions for older adults and caregivers.”

Dr. Josephine McMurray

Dr. Josephine McMurray is an Associate Professor at the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. She teaches in the Business Technology Management Program in the School of Business & Economics, and is a member of the Community Health Faculty. Her research interests include healthcare system innovation, quality and patient experience improvement and system performance measurement. Dr. McMurray’s research also focuses on technology evaluation, women entrepreneurs and regional health innovation. She co-leads an AGE-WELL research project that is examining how Canadian workplaces approach employees who develop mild cognitive impairment or early-stage dementia to identify gaps, model sustainable workspaces and develop novel supportive technologies. Read Dr. McMurray’s bio here.

“AGE-WELL plays a leading role in the Canadian ecosystem developing innovative technology-based products that help people live full and autonomous lives as they age,” said Dr. McMurray. “I am delighted to be joining the dedicated members and partners of AGE-WELL focused on advancing exciting new approaches and solutions on a national and global scale.”

AGE-WELL Scientific Director and CEO Dr. Alex Mihailidis said, “We welcome Jenny and Josephine to the leadership team. They bring a wealth of expertise that will advance the vital work AGE-WELL is doing to accelerate the delivery of technology-based solutions that support healthy aging and generate economic returns for Canadians.”

Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, who has served as Associate Scientific Director and was also a founding Scientific Director of AGE-WELL, takes on a new role as Network Advisor, Evaluation and Impact, and continues as Challenge Area Lead, Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness. Dr. Sixsmith is also the Director of STAR (Science and Technology for Aging Research) Institute and a Professor in the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include aging, social isolation, technologies to connect people, technology for independent living, technology policy and the digital divide, theories and methods in aging and understanding the innovation process. Read Dr. Sixsmith’s bio here.

Dr. Sixsmith will lead a high-profile book series that relates to AGE-WELL’s eight Challenge Areas, and the development of a special journal edition. He will continue to publish on project and network level evaluation and impact, and to work with AGE-WELL’s Older Adult and Caregiver Advisory Committee.

“AGE-WELL places a premium on engaging end-users, sharing knowledge and achieving impact, and I am very pleased to focus on projects that support this,” said Dr. Sixsmith.

Dr. Mihailidis said, “We are fortunate to have Andrew’s continued involvement in key areas that contribute to AGE-WELL’s centrality in Canada’s AgeTech sector.”

For the last seven years, AGE-WELL has served as a catalyst for technological innovation that empowers older Canadians to live healthy, independent and engaged lives, while driving forward Canada’s AgeTech sector. AGE-WELL now includes more than 250 researchers from 46 Canadian universities and research institutes, over 1,000 trainees and more than 400 industry, community, government and academic partners. Approximately 5,000 older adults and caregivers are involved.

AGE-WELL has over 120 technology-based solutions in development or already making a difference in people’s lives. These innovations include communications platforms, smart-home systems, wearables and remote therapies. AGE-WELL also supports 60 startups that are bringing products to market, while creating jobs and wealth.

The new appointments take effect on April 1, 2022.


AGE-WELL NCE Inc. is Canada’s Technology and Aging Network. The pan-Canadian network brings together researchers, older adults, caregivers, partner organizations and future leaders to accelerate the delivery of technology-based solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians. AGE-WELL researchers are producing technologies, services, policies and practices that improve quality of life for older adults and caregivers, and generate social and economic benefits for Canada. AGE-WELL is funded through the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence program.

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