AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge 2022 Finalists

Axtion Independence Mobility Inc. designs devices to help people age without worry. Our first, patent pending device, called the Ibex, combines a rollator walker with an elevating seat and helps people prevent and recover from falls, providing them the confidence to perform their daily activities and those that bring them joy. Watch Axtion Independence Mobility Inc.’s application video submission here.

Note: Axtion Independence Mobility Inc. had to withdraw from the competition because of a family emergency.

Care2Talk Technologies revolutionizes the way seniors connect with their healthcare providers and loved ones by delivering the most accessible and intuitive communication and health platform available. Care2Talk Technologies optimizes the health and well-being of older adults living in Care communities. Care2Talk Technologies is improving aging adult patient access to team-based primary care through innovative technology and strategic partnerships. Watch Care2Talk Technologies’ application video submission here.

Chirp is a device that uses ambient sensors to remotely monitor the wellbeing of aging adults. It’s unobtrusive and low-effort for the care recipient and tracks their mobility, detects visitors and looks for emergency events such as calls for help. Our goal is to continuously model the behaviour of individuals in the home and track their physical and cognitive health. Watch Chirp’s application video submission here.

Gia Health helps families manage and coordinate in-home elder care using AI. North America’s population is aging rapidly and the health system can’t withstand it. Hospitals are burdened by people who could receive care at home, but coordinating care is stressful, managing payments is difficult and care is hard to coordinate. Watch Gia Health’s application video submission here.

PragmaClin has developed their flagship product PRIMS. The PRIMS system is a digital assessment tool that allows clinicians to provide more frequent and objective care for their Parkinson’s disease patients. The PRIMS system uses specialty cameras and an internationally recognized scale to monitor motor and non-motor symptoms of the disease. This system supports not only clinicians but improves patient outcomes and overall care. Watch PragmaClin’s application video submission here.

Singular Hearing uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create new kinds of hearing assistance that help people stay connected. They make HeardThat, a smartphone app for those who have trouble hearing speech in background noise, such as in restaurants. This is a common problem for the older population. No new devices are needed—HeardThat works with hearing aids, implants and ordinary earbuds. Watch Singular Hearing’s application video submission here.