Karen Kobayashi Memorial Award in Technology and Aging

Dr. Karen Kobayashi (1967-2022) was a professor in the University of Victoria’s Department of Sociology and Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences). A long-time leader and investigator in AGE-WELL, Dr. Kobayashi served on our Research Management Committee, co-led the knowledge mobilization crosscutting activity, and was a network and training advisor in implementation. An eminent social gerontologist, Dr. Kobayashi used a life course perspective to explore the intersections of structural, cultural, and individual factors and experiences affecting health and aging in the Canadian population.

Dr. Kobayashi’s dedication to, and enthusiasm for, supporting trainees – the next generation of researchers, government and industry professionals – was unmatched. She was a fierce advocate for all of her trainees, an insightful mentor who sought to build strengths and capacity. She made her students and colleagues feel safe and supported and encouraged them to always, always strive to make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of stakeholders.

The Karen Kobayashi Memorial Award in Technology and Aging is intended to pay tribute to Dr. Kobayashi’s belief that our research should make positive, real-world impact. This award is focused on knowledge mobilization or implementation given Dr. Kobayashi’s particular focus and extraordinary contributions in this area.

“We miss her very much, and we hope that this award will inspire future generations to follow Karen’s lead,” said Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director and CEO of AGE-WELL.

Eligible applicants to this $20,000 award are full-time graduate students and postdoctoral fellows enrolled at Canadian institutions. Applications must have a knowledge mobilization or implementation focus.

Applications will be accepted starting December 1, 2022. Visit the application page for more details here.