2023 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Awards: Congrats to Drs. Rafik Goubran, Lili Liu and Jim Mann

Warmest congratulations to Drs. Rafik Goubran, Lili Liu and Jim Mann on receiving 2023 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Awards.

The award recognizes members who have made long-term and substantial contributions to research and innovation in the AgeTech sector, as well as a significant contribution to AGE-WELL.

AGE-WELL is profoundly grateful to our new Honorary Fellows for their service and exemplary work:

Rafik Goubran (Ottawa)

Dr. Rafik Goubran is vice-president (research and international) and Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton University. An AGE-WELL researcher from the very start, he is a founding member of Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory (SAM3), an AGE-WELL national innovation hub, and also leads our Challenge Area focused on Supportive Homes & Communities. Dr. Goubran is a widely-recognized expert in sensors and analytics. He co-leads several multi-disciplinary research programs on the design of smart environments for the independent living of seniors, and on vital sign monitoring.

“I am very proud of my association with AGE-WELL. It is my honour and privilege to receive this award. It means a lot to me!” said Dr. Goubran. “AGE-WELL played a vital role in enabling our Aging-in-Place research program at Carleton University and the Bruyère Research Institute. We truly appreciate the funding, mentorship, connections, and experiential learning opportunities that AGE-WELL provided to our students.”

Dr. Lili Liu (Waterloo)

Dr. Lili Liu is a professor in the School of Public Health Sciences, and dean of the Faculty of Health, at the University of Waterloo. She is a renowned researcher whose work examines how technologies can help older adults and family caregivers. Dr. Liu has also been an AGE-WELL researcher from the beginning, and leads our Challenge Area for Autonomy & Independence. She also mentors trainees, leads multiple projects, contributes to our publications initiatives, and does media interviews on behalf of the network.

“I feel privileged to have been a network investigator with AGE-WELL since its inception,” said Dr. Liu. “My research trainees have all benefited from AGE-WELL funding and are on successful career trajectories. I feel AGE-WELL has supported my research program beyond my imagination. I was humbled when I learned that I was a recipient of the 2023 Honorary Fellow Award. I am pleased that I have been able to contribute to the goals of AGE-WELL by mentoring future generations of scholars in aging, within my research program and beyond.”

Jim Mann (Vancouver)

A dedicated advocate for people living with Alzheimer’s, Jim Mann serves on multiple advisory councils and boards, including the CIHR Institute of Aging Advisory Board. Recipient of an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of British Columbia, he has been a member of AGE-WELL’s Research Management Committee for eight years, and has spoken at many AGE-WELL events, including the first Annual Conference in 2015 and AGE-WELL’s Day on the Hill in 2018. He is an inspiration to network members. His wisdom and lived experience are invaluable to do the work we do.

“It was a big honour to receive the Honorary Fellowship Award this year at the AGE-WELL conference,” said Jim Mann. “I have been actively involved with AGE-WELL since 2015 where I have learned so much about technology that currently exists and the exciting opportunities that are being developed. I’m excited and inspired by the researchers’ creativeness and look forward to continuing my involvement with AGE-WELL to be a part of the growth in this important sector.”

The 2023 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award recipients were announced at the AGE-WELL Annual Conference on Oct. 26, 2023.