Announcement for Call for Proposals – Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program


  1. Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) announce the launch of a Joint Canada-Israel Health Research Program.
  2. This program will provide funding for Canadian and Israeli researchers to assemble world-class research teams working in cutting-edge areas of biomedical science with a primary focus on brain research. Subsequent calls may also include areas of common interest across other organs and diseases (e.g., the immune system and cancer), and topics such as cell signalling and novel potential treatments of relevant disorders.
  3. Each application must include a component designed to assist scientists from low and middle income countries to further their scientific capacity. Applicants will propose at least one of the following activities, aimed at establishing long-term sustainable scientific relationships:
    • Carrying out a scientific workshop, a summer school, or other significant training event;
    • Including trainees in the carrying out of the research; and
    • Including established researchers as collaborators.
  4. For the first call, up to six grants will be awarded to joint Canadian-Israeli biomedical science research teams, for a non-renewable period of up to 3 years’ worth up to CA$1,000,000 to be managed between Canadian and Israeli team leads.
  5. Eligible topics for the first call tackle issues at the frontiers in neuroscience, including but not limited to:
    • basic cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying thought processes,
    • neural bases of cognition;
    • mathematical and computer modeling of brain function;
    • cellular and macroscopic imaging of neural processing;
    • brain-machine interfaces;
    • genetics applied to neuroscience (e.g., epigenetics and behavior, optogenetics); and,
    • integrated brain-body functions (e.g., immune and endocrine systems, microbiome).
  6. Detailed guidelines for submission for the first call will be published on CIHR’s Research Net website the first week of February 2015. Applications are due Monday, 15 June 2015.
  7. For questions on this funding opportunity please contact:Sean Daley
    Program Delivery Coordinator
    sean.daley@cihr-irsc.gc.caIsraeli applicants should direct their questions to ISF:Ella Fire
    Scientific Director Special Programs
    Israel Science Foundation