Recipient of AGE-WELL – Mircom Graduate Student Award Announced

AGE-WELL and Mircom are pleased to announce that the University of Toronto’s Zain Hasan has been awarded the inaugural AGE-WELL – Mircom Graduate Student Award in Technology and Aging. This 1 year award will support his master’s project, Artificially Intelligent Fall Predictive Computer Vision System, supervised by Dr. Alex Mihailidis. The project seeks to develop an artificially intelligent sensing system that encourages and facilitates independence and autonomy in older adults.

This AGE-WELL – Mircom partnership brings together cutting edge computer science research and a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of intelligent building solutions to help older adults age in place safely by mitigating the risk of injury from accidents such as falls.

AGE-WELL is providing funding and training to more than 150 emerging researchers and young professionals, or highly qualified personnel (HQP), as part of its training and mentorship program called EPIC (Early Professionals, Inspired Careers). EPIC gives HQP invaluable experience based on scientific excellence and real-world applicability. It is designed to nurture the next generation of researchers in technology and aging and to promote an industry that will not only create jobs but help build a better quality of life for older adults and caregivers.