AGE-WELL Scientific Director featured in U of T’s Edge magazine

The latest issue of the University of Toronto’s Edge magazine profiles AGE-WELL Scientific Director Alex Mihailidis and the work he and AGE-WELL colleagues are doing to support healthy aging.

From a high-tech home system that can detect dementia to an anti-collision powered wheelchair, the article highlights some of the new technologies and systems being developed by AGE-WELL researchers.

AGE-WELL’s “significant training component” is also described. There is a unique new program involving more than 150 trainees. It exposes trainees to a transdisciplinary approach that will equip them to excel in the emerging field of technology and aging.

Written by Althea Blackburn-Evans, the article is called “Odds are you will live past 100: Alex Mihailidis wants to make sure longer lifespans are about quality.”

Read the article here.