Andrew Petter

Andrew Petter is the President and Vice-Chancellor at Simon Fraser University. Prior to his current position, Dr. Petter completed a term as the longest serving Dean of the University of Victoria’s (UVic) Faculty of Law. Dr. Petter has taught and written extensively in the areas of Constitutional Law and Public Policy. During his time as Dean, the UVic Law Faculty established a new graduate law program, created a national aboriginal economic development chair and supported the first cohort of the Akitsiraq Law School in Nunavut. Following his tenure at UVic, Dr. Petter spent the next decade as an MLA and held a series of key cabinet positions including Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Minister of Forests, Minister of Health, Minister Responsible for Seniors, Minister of Advanced Education, Training and Technology, and Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, as well as Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Human Rights. During Dr. Petter’s political career, he oversaw the creation of the B.C. Knowledge Development Fund to support investments in research infrastructure. He has written extensively about the role of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and its effect on government powers and decision making.