David Wright

David is an accomplished Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Innovator. His expertise has been focused in the areas of strategic planning, branding, ideation, change management, operational design, and technology commercialization. Over his 25 plus years David has broad experience and has lead Global & North American marketing initiatives in the Communications, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Technology, Crop-Sciences, Real Estate Development, Senior Housing, Digital Health, Building Products, Publishing & Media sectors. His career has largely been spent at the forefront of technology innovation, and was at the center of the digital and wireless revolution within Canada, working within the BCE group of companies. During this period, David was involved in the market introduction of mainstream technologies we take for granted today, like: DMS Switching, Cellular Phone services, High Speed Internet, Satellite TV, Internet Banking and Media/Marketing Automation platforms. Today, David is working to change the perception of aging – to change the way care is delivered through innovation and business re-modeling. David is currently active consulting in the Home and Community Care; Senior Living/Real Estate Development, Digital Health Innovation sectors; and on Brand/Media disruption initiatives. Through Sir2N Partners Inc. – he and his partners have recently launched www.youareUNLTD.com with AGE-WELL NCE as a lead Institutional Partner.