Dr. Sandra McKay: 2021 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award Recipient

Congratulations to Dr. Sandra McKay, Vice President of Research and Innovation at VHA Home HealthCare, on receiving a 2021 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award.

The award recognizes members of the AGE-WELL network who have made long term and substantial contributions to research and innovation in the AgeTech sector, as well as a significant contribution to AGE-WELL.

Dr. McKay has been a steadfast supporter of AGE-WELL and its mandate for many years. She has contributed to AGE-WELL in countless ways, serving on the Research Management Committee and the Industry Advisory Group. Her dedication to and efforts within the AGE-WELL network have been of great benefit to researchers, startups and AGE-WELL itself.

Dr. McKay has also been a key supporter of AGE-WELL’s training program, which prepares the innovators of tomorrow. She is an advocate for those exploring alt-academic or non-academic careers and has donated her time for informal mentoring sessions and workshops.

Most recently, Dr. McKay helped facilitate a virtual “hackathon” for AGE-WELL trainees and VHA clinicians and clients. VHA is a long-time partner of AGE-WELL.

Dr. McKay said she is honoured to receive the AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award. “I believe strongly in the AGE-WELL mission and even more so in the fantastic people who create such amazing energy all focused on helping people live well in their communities.”

AGE-WELL is profoundly grateful to Dr. McKay for her service and exemplary work. She has made extraordinary contributions that go above and beyond – both to AGE-WELL and to the AgeTech sector.

As Canada’s technology and aging network, AGE-WELL serves as a catalyst for technological innovation that empowers older adults to live healthy, independent and engaged lives, while driving forward Canada’s growing AgeTech sector.