EPIC (Early Professionals, Inspired Careers)

EPIC (1)

EPIC trains the innovators of tomorrow as they accelerate the delivery of technology-based solutions to make a meaningful difference to the lives of Canadians. It encourages participants to consider the economic, social, environmental and ethical implications of their work and helps them develop the ideas, teamwork, and relationship-building skills that are the building blocks of a successful career.The EPIC program is made up of online course modules, workshops, webinars, mentorship opportunities, lab exchanges, and internships.

Our program is guided by the principle that we aim to add value to the training received in home programs, not replicate that training. Our online course modules fall under four key knowledge-based core domains and always involve building skills in at least one of the six skills identified in the framework you see here.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Co-creation are core components of this framework that promote consideration of and collaboration with under-represented groups in the co-creation of new knowledge. Moreover, the tenets of transdisciplinarity underpin the entire framework.


EPIC framework

What can EPIC do for you?  Learn more about some of our EPIC trainees and their AGE-WELL experience on our HQP profile page.