<span>Founder and President, Adrenalease Inc.</span>
"What AGE-WELL is doing is phenomenal. It’s an organization that’s helping entrepreneurs—and innovations—to get into the market. Startups and small businesses are such big creators of new jobs in Canada. So it’s great that AGE-WELL is supporting startups, encouraging entrepreneurship and fostering innovation ecosystems."
- Noureddin Chahrour, Founder and President, Adrenalease Inc.
<span>Director, CITRIS Health, CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) and the Banatao Institute<br />
University of California<br />
Director, Center for Technology and Aging</span>
"AGE-WELL conducts outstanding, world-class research and technology innovation to support healthy aging, and has positioned Canada as a global leader in addressing one of the grand challenges facing the world in the coming decades—the well-being of older adults."
- Dr. David Lindeman, Director, CITRIS Health, CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society) and the Banatao Institute
University of California
Director, Center for Technology and Aging
<span>Member, AGE-WELL Partner Advisory Committee,<br />
National Modality Manager, Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions,<br />
Philips Healthcare</span>
"Through advances in health care, we have successfully extended people’s lifespans. AGE-WELL is about bringing quality and independence to these added years with technologies that are accessible, impactful and sustainable. When older adults live their best lives, we all benefit from their wisdom and experience."
- Jolene McNeil, Member, AGE-WELL Partner Advisory Committee,
National Modality Manager, Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions,
Philips Healthcare
<span>Family caregiver</span>
"As someone who cares for two aging parents with cognitive and mobility issues, I appreciate that AGE-WELL is developing technologies that will make things easier and better for us in the future. AGE-WELL breaks down silos and aims to create solutions faster—and more affordably—both for the aging population and those who care for them."
- Mary Huang, Family caregiver
<span>AGE-WELL trainee alumna<br />
Co-founder and CEO, BrainShape®</span>
"AGE-WELL is the bridge between the research into the real world, though funding, through networking, through conferences, and educational avenues. It brings together all of the different stakeholders and expertise to really design and develop products that are useful for the individuals that it is targeting. AGE-WELL has certainly helped my research come to life in the real world."
- Dr. Andrea Wilkinson, AGE-WELL trainee alumna
Co-founder and CEO, BrainShape®
<span>AGE-WELL investigator<br />
Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy<br />
Associate Dean, Health Professions<br />
University of British Columbia</span>
"Until AGE-WELL, there has not been a coordinated effort to provide focused technologies that promote independence and enable older adults to live within their own environment. AGE-WELL has made tremendous progress in the development of solutions that enhance quality of life so that seniors can do the things they want to do the way they want to do them."
- Dr. Bill Miller, AGE-WELL investigator
Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Associate Dean, Health Professions
University of British Columbia
<span>Director,<br />
Best Buy Health,<br />
Best Buy Canada </span>
"Implementing technology solutions that can effectively support people’s health and wellness calls for collaboration between researchers, health and AgeTech entities. AGE-WELL has created a platform for industry and researchers to bring their core competencies together and create technology and services destined to enrich the lives of older adults."
- Sara Aghvami, Director,
Best Buy Health,
Best Buy Canada
<span>Former Senator</span>
"With the rapid advancement in technology, we need to capitalize on Canada’s leading-edge research and bring together all stakeholders to ensure technologies are seamlessly integrated into health-care systems. AGE-WELL is a network that is already doing this through multidisciplinary project teams and the inclusion of older adults and caregivers at every stage of their work. AGE-WELL is truly driving innovation and making Canada a leader in the area of technology and aging."
- The Honourable Art Eggleton, P.C., Former Senator
<span>Engineer, physician, former Canadian astronaut<br />
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Calgary</span>
"AGE-WELL believes that social, health and economic frontiers can be advanced through research and innovation. Like a space agency with an audacious vision, their organizational culture is founded upon the pursuit of excellence, a broad and cross-disciplinary network of partners, and the training of emerging researchers."
- Dr. Robert Thirsk, Engineer, physician, former Canadian astronaut
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Calgary
<span>AGE-WELL investigator and Research Chair in Aging and Health<br />
University of Regina</span>
"The work of AGE-WELL researchers has led me to believe that, within my lifetime, the best solutions for improving the quality of life for older adults with dementia are not going to come from medical sciences but from engineering and technology development."
- Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, AGE-WELL investigator and Research Chair in Aging and Health
University of Regina
<span>Former Scientific Director<br />
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Aging</span>
"AGE-WELL has become an important driving force for Canadians to benefit from the most relevant and cost-efficient technology in support of optimal health and wellness in aging. AGE-WELL is doing so by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from all horizons, in Canada and internationally, and by synergizing with CIHR’s eHealth Innovations strategy."
- Dr. Yves Joanette, Former Scientific Director
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Aging
<span>Director of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship<br />
The Impact Centre, University of Toronto</span>
"I am extremely impressed with what the AGE-WELL team has accomplished to date. This is a testament to the quality of the management, researchers, trainees and network partners. The societal benefits of AGE-WELL’s work are indisputable."
- Dr. Richard McAloney, Director of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship
The Impact Centre, University of Toronto
<span>National Industry Executive for Research<br />
IBM Canada</span>
"By supporting startups, training young professionals and investing in new ideas through the AGE-WELL-HACKING HEALTH ideathon competition, AGE-WELL is helping to address the socio-economic challenges of an aging population and move research into viable commercial products. This is in keeping with IBM Canada’s strategy to incubate startups and drive innovation in the Canadian marketplace."
- Sanjeev Gill, National Industry Executive for Research
IBM Canada
<span>Senior Vice President, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships<br />
"AGE-WELL provides Revera with access to a robust network of leading researchers and entrepreneurs. As a large seniors’ accommodation provider, we value the ability to have one touch point for accessing and partnering in research across Canada that is relevant and valuable for our residents, our staff and our business."
- Trish Barbato, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships
<span>AGE-WELL trainee and PhD student in Biomedical Engineering<br />
University of Toronto</span>
"Wow, this is life-changing! Thank you so much for granting me this award to build experience and work with other top labs, institutes and clinics in this dynamic field of rehabilitation. I’ll make the most of it."
- Aaron Yurkewich, AGE-WELL trainee and PhD student in Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto