Karam Elabd

BackgroundI have a background in Electrical Engineering with a focus in power and energy systems from the University of Manitoba. My time there was augmented with diverse, interdisciplinary research experience working in various labs. As a consequence, my research interests have shifted towards the Biomedical Engineering sciences as I am currently pursuing a Master’s of Applied Science degree at Simon Fraser University in the Injury Prevention and Mobility Lab (IPML) and under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Robinovitch.

Research Project: My research project focuses on the design, development and application of an articulated falling dummy that is tailored to mimic the falling behaviour of older adults and that allows for the measurement of internal and external contact forces to the body. This is to enable the design and testing of fall injury prevention technology. I am also involved in developing a series of postural stability experiments, utilizing the IPML’s perturbation platform, in order to examine how humans learn and adapt to known perturbations and to understand how this learning transfers to unexpected perturbations.

Research Interests: my research interests include: Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics, Dynamics, Control, Robotics, Human Balance and Mobility, Computer Modelling and Simulation, Electronics, Sensors and Actuators.