Lili Liu: 2023 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award Recipient

Dr. Lili Liu, renowned for her research on how technologies can help older adults and family caregivers, has received the 2023 AGE-WELL Honorary Fellow Award.

The award is in recognition of Dr. Liu’s long term and substantial contributions to research and innovation in the AgeTech sector, as well as her significant contribution to AGE-WELL.

Dr. Liu is a professor in the School of Public Health Sciences, and dean of the Faculty of Health, at the University of Waterloo. She also leads the Aging and Innovation Research Program (AIRP) at Waterloo.

An occupational therapist, Dr. Liu has been an AGE-WELL researcher from the beginning. Her current AGE-WELL research program examines the applications of technologies and other innovations to mitigate risks of going missing among persons living with dementia.

Dr. Liu also leads AGE-WELL’s Challenge Area focused on Autonomy & Independence. AGE-WELL’s 8 Challenge Areas drive its research and innovation in supporting older adults and caregivers.

Dr. Liu mentors AGE-WELL trainees, leads multiple projects, does media interviews on behalf of the network, and contributes to AGE-WELL’s publications initiatives. She is the co-author of Autonomy and Independence: Aging in an Era of Technology, a recent AGE-WELL publication.

“I feel privileged to have been a network investigator with AGE-WELL since its inception,” said Dr. Liu. “My research trainees have all benefited from AGE-WELL funding and are on successful career trajectories. I feel AGE-WELL has supported my research program beyond my imagination. I was humbled when I learned that I was a recipient of the 2023 Honorary Fellow Award. I am pleased that I have been able to contribute to the goals of AGE-WELL by mentoring future generations of scholars in aging, within my research program and beyond.”