Read AGE-WELL’s fifth annual report

Jan 23 2020

(Français) AGE-WELL’s latest annual report highlights a range of activities and accomplishments from across the network―and the benefits for older adults and caregivers. Called Solutions for Healthy Aging, the report shows how AGE-WELL is bringing everyone together—researchers, older adults, caregivers, partner organizations and future leaders—to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians. Read

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The power of music

Dec 2 2019

(Français) Music unites and uplifts people of all ages and cultures. “There’s overwhelming evidence that music is very powerful across our lives. Older people are no different from people of other ages,” says Dr. Andrea Creech, a former international orchestral musician who is a Canada Research Chair, psychologist and professor of Music Pedagogy at McGill

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Two AGE-WELL-supported startups raise millions in new financing

Nov 22 2019

(Français) Winterlight Labs and EBT Medical Inc., both AGE-WELL-supported startups, have each raised millions of dollars in new funding. EBT Medical announced this week that it has secured a US$10-million Series A investment, co-led by two top-tier venture capital firms, SV Health Investors and Genesys Capital. Read more. Also this week, Winterlight Labs reported that

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Conference spotlights current and future innovations to support healthy aging

Nov 13 2019

(Français) AGE-WELL’s annual conference, Exploring the Future of Technology and Aging, created a huge buzz that is still reverberating almost a month later. What made AGE-WELL 2019 so memorable? AGE-WELL’s 5th annual conference attracted more than 300 researchers, trainees, older adults, caregivers and partners from industry, government and the community who all share a goal:

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