AGE-WELL’s 4th Annual EPIC Summer Institute: A unique experience

Jul 30 2019

(Français) Held in Montebello, Quebec in early July, AGE-WELL’s 2019 EPIC Summer Institute was an intensive week-long training event focused on Creating Possibilities: Staying Connected and Strengthening Social Networks. Eighteen trainees from Canada, the US and the UK worked together in multidisciplinary teams and co-created a technology, policy or service solution to keep older adults

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Meet the winners of the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Startup Edition

Jul 29 2019

(Français) For anyone with an interest in technology and aging, the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Startup Edition will be remembered as one of the most exciting pitch competitions in 2019. Launched in May, the competition was all about recognizing top startups and supporting entrepreneurship in Canada’s technology and aging sector. Five finalists pitched at each

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Canada’s Dementia Strategy emphasizes technology-based solutions

Jun 20 2019

(Français) AGE-WELL welcomes the federal government’s first national strategy on dementia. We commend the Public Health Agency of Canada for including technology-based solutions in the strategy.  AGE-WELL’s approach aligns well with the strategy’s emphasis on highly collaborative, user-driven research and provides a platform to continue advancements in this area.  The rise of smart homes, assistive

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Finalists announced in competition that will recognize top innovators in Canada’s technology and aging sector

Jun 4 2019

(Français) Events will showcase innovative solutions to support healthy aging Fifteen Canadian startups have been selected to compete in the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge: Startup Edition, it was announced today. The competition is for startups whose technologies or services can improve quality of life for older adults or their caregivers. Finalists will be challenged to

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