Making life better for long-term care residents with dementia

Mar 11 2019

(Français) Patricia Laurin says her 92-year-old mother Shirrill Crawford has been “totally lost” for several years due to Alzheimer’s disease. “She doesn’t know me. Her memory is really compromised.” Yet the day ABBY—a wall-mounted personalized activity technology—was installed at Crawford’s Midland, Ontario long-term care home, she became “totally engaged for 90 minutes. It blew me

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Helping seniors improve their quality of life

Feb 27 2019

(Français) CIHR and AGE-WELL fund international research projects to benefit aging baby boomers As more Canadian baby boomers enter their senior years (65 and older), Canada’s hospitals are experiencing a corresponding increase in requests for health services. In an effort to reduce this growing pressure on our health care system, CIHR and AGE-WELL have partnered to support

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An efficient new way to detect Alzheimer’s

Feb 15 2019

(Français) It’s not every day that ground-breaking academic research heads so swiftly out of the lab and into the real world. That’s the story of a speech-analyzer technology developed by WinterLight Labs Inc. that detects cognitive impairment in its early stages, leading to quicker and more accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions. “Our

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Sensor systems for the smart home

Feb 14 2019

(Français) Mobility and memory problems are among the most common challenges experienced by older adults—a reality that is not lost on Mary Huang, an engineer and MBA who has looked after her aging parents for several years. The Ottawa resident stopped travelling and then took time off work to care for her father Peter, 90,

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Profile: Dr. Rita Orji

Feb 12 2019

(Français) Dr. Rita Orji says her experience as an AGE-WELL trainee while doing postdoctoral work at McGill University helped her to see the sheer scope of what could be accomplished in the field of technology and aging. These days, Dr. Orji is an assistant professor of computer science at Dalhousie University, where she is in

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