Juggling work and caregiving

Aug 16 2018

(Français) Three years ago, Tammy reached the breaking point. She’d spent years juggling two jobs while caring for her husband, whose chronic health issues left him unable to work. The emotional and physical exhaustion finally triggered a mental health crisis and she had to take a three-month leave from work. “Basically, I burnt myself out,”

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AGE-WELL announces over $500,000 in funding for new research projects

Aug 9 2018

(Français) A smart light system to improve sleep quality in people living with dementia. A gait-training device for older adults with multiple sclerosis. A study looking at the usability of ‘video-game style’ driver rehabilitation after stroke. These are among 11 new projects receiving grants totalling over $500,000 through AGE-WELL’s 3rd Catalyst Funding Program. Led by

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AGE-WELL Summer Institute 2018  

Jul 8 2018

(Français)   Surrounded by natural beauty, Banff, Alberta was a perfect setting for the 3rd AGE-WELL Summer Institute, which was all about Co-Creating Possibilities: Leisure, Recreation and Wellness – Opportunities for Engaging the Older Adult. Seventeen AGE-WELL trainees from across Canada took part in the immersive week-long training program. They worked closely with mentors to

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Smart beds: Monitoring health during sleep

Jun 27 2018

(Français) Imagine a bed that monitors an older adult’s health while they sleep and alerts a health-care provider if there are potential problems. That’s the goal of an AGE-WELL project that uses pressure sensor technology to help predict and prevent health problems by analyzing clues such as movement, breathing and fluid retention. Pressure ulcers are

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