AGE-WELL Summer Institute 2018  

Jul 8 2018

(Français)   Surrounded by natural beauty, Banff, Alberta was a perfect setting for the 3rd AGE-WELL Summer Institute, which was all about Co-Creating Possibilities: Leisure, Recreation and Wellness – Opportunities for Engaging the Older Adult. Seventeen AGE-WELL trainees from across Canada took part in the immersive week-long training program. They worked closely with mentors to

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Smart beds: Monitoring health during sleep

Jun 27 2018

(Français) Imagine a bed that monitors an older adult’s health while they sleep and alerts a health-care provider if there are potential problems. That’s the goal of an AGE-WELL project that uses pressure sensor technology to help predict and prevent health problems by analyzing clues such as movement, breathing and fluid retention. Pressure ulcers are

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High-tech in-home therapy

Jun 5 2018

(Français) For older adults recovering from stroke, an advanced “telerobotic” rehabilitation system developed by researchers in London, Ontario opens the door to a new supervised in-home therapy. The AGE-WELL-supported team is now testing its system with the goal of delivering frequent, low-cost, individualized therapy at home for older stroke survivors. The system, which incorporates haptic-

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