AGE-WELL welcomes new Board member

Apr 5 2018

(Français) AGE-WELL is pleased to welcome Mr. Larry Baldachin, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer at University Health Network (UHN), to the AGE-WELL Board of Directors. Mr. Baldachin has over 25 years of expertise in business planning and transformation, enterprise sales, marketing, customer analytics and big data management, operations, professional services and customer care.

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Wearable therapy

Mar 21 2018

(Français)   A Toronto research team has created clothing with a special something inside that delivers therapy in a whole new way. The novel shirt and pants are designed to help reawaken muscles in people with upper or lower limb paralysis caused by stroke or spinal cord injury. The clothing is embedded with electrodes that

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Dr. Alex Mihailidis appointed to Executive Board of Active and Assisted Living Association

Mar 8 2018

(Français) Congratulations to Dr. Alex Mihailidis, AGE-WELL Scientific Director, on being elected a Vice President of the Active and Assisted Living Association. The association manages the Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme, which is a global pioneer in the technology and aging sector. The AAL Programme funds applied research for developing ICT-based (information & communication

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Homes that adapt to you

Mar 5 2018

(Français) For people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, home can become an unsafe environment. Now imagine a “smart home” that is loaded with sensors to help people stay safe and independent for as long as possible. AGE-WELL researchers are working to make this a reality in the next few years. The goal is to

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Simplifying Internet health information

Feb 23 2018

(Français) An alarming 88 per cent of Canadian seniors are considered to have low health literacy and struggle to understand and trust online health information. A new tool now being developed with AGE-WELL support will simplify digital health information by instantly transforming online text to a person’s reading level. “This tool has the potential to

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