AGE-WELL releases its third annual report

Oct 30 2017

AGE-WELL is making remarkable progress in developing solutions to support healthy aging. Our 2016-2017 AGE-WELL Annual Report focuses on the benefits AGE-WELL brings to Canadians. It highlights an array of AGE-WELL innovations and profiles some of our talented trainees. Some of the stories featured in our new report: Smart homes that adapt to you Self-driving

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Getting new technologies to people who need them

Oct 28 2017

(Français) Technology can support healthy aging in so many ways. But a complex health-care system coupled with an unclear path for approvals can make it a challenge to implement new technologies. “Our goal is to help AGE-WELL innovators and others doing similar work to more successfully navigate regulatory and approval processes to get their technologies

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AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence and Canadian Centre for Elder Law link up to focus on issues related to research and elder law

Oct 18 2017

(Français) WINNIPEG, Oct. 18, 2017 – The Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) has been named a new AGE-WELL core facility in elder law. The announcement was made today in Winnipeg at AGE-WELL’s 3rd Annual Conference. AGE-WELL is a federally-funded pan-Canadian network driving research and innovation in the area of technology and aging. CCEL, established

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