AGE-WELL startup tests “smart” glove that reduces hand tremors

Dec 14 2016

(Français) As a student of civil engineering, Mark Elias learned how to stabilize buildings against earthquakes and wind vibration. Now, he’s applying that knowledge to a problem that affects millions of people worldwide: hand tremors. Elias and colleagues have developed a glove that uses the same ‘vibration damping’ technology that he studied at university and

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AGE-WELL partners support early career researchers

Nov 23 2016

(Français) Nine early career researchers have been selected to receive financial support and graduate and postdoctoral awards in technology and aging from AGE-WELL and six industry, not-for-profit, and post-secondary partners.  Myant, UBER, Ontario Telemedicine Network, OCAD University, CRIUGM, and VHA Home Healthcare are our partners who have made these awards possible. Dr. Abdul Qadir Javaid

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AGE-WELL 2016: Conference highlighted robust research and innovation program

Nov 9 2016

(Français) AGE-WELL’s 2nd Annual Conference & AGM attracted more than 300 researchers, trainees, older adults, caregivers, and partners from industry, government and the community who share a goal: to enhance the lives of older adults and caregivers. Held on Oct. 19-20 in Montreal, AGE-WELL 2016 showcased innovative research projects from across the AGE-WELL network, explored hot

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Cognitive computing targets caregiver needs

Oct 26 2016

(Français) Jackie struggles to find practical products, services and information online that can help her to care for her mother with dementia. “It’s hit-and-miss at best and at times overwhelming, especially if I am not sure what solutions are out there,” says the retired paramedic and nurse. Addressing the problem Jackie describes is exactly the

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