Older Adults and Caregivers


AGE-WELL is passionate about achieving real-world impact. It could be a new technology, service or policy. We want our products to be practical and useful. That is why AGE-WELL is committed to involving older people and caregivers in all stages of our research and development. It’s the AGE-WELL way of doing things.

Get Involved

Join the AGE-WELL community―and help bring new, better and affordable technologies to people who need them. Here are some ways you can contribute to AGE-WELL activities:

  • Participate in a research project. Click here for the story of an older adult who is taking part.
  • Provide feedback on the relevance of research proposals
  • Join one of our committees
  • Share your experience and perspectives at Network events and forums
  • Attend the AGE-WELL annual conference
  • Subscribe to our eNewsletter and receive regular updates on Network activities
  • Donate to AGE-WELL and help us create the future. Please click here and select “Research AGE-WELL Fund” under Fund Allocation.

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By joining AGE-WELL, you can:

  • Learn more about technology and the latest research
  • Help develop future technologies and services
  • Get to know people in similar situations
  • Be reimbursed for certain activities
  • Be inspired by ideas for what the future can be.


Jim Mann is an advocate for people living with Alzheimer’s disease who himself was diagnosed at the age of 58.

Jim Mann is an advocate for people living with Alzheimer’s.

Meet Jim Mann, a member of the AGE-WELL Research Management Committee, and learn why he believes end-users should be involved in all parts of the research and development process:

Jim Mann was once a world traveller. But the most difficult journey of his life began in a mundane location in 2007. While walking through a small airport, he suddenly realized he had no idea where he was or what do to next. Before long he was undergoing tests which eventually led to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. He was only 58. Since then, he has had to dissolve his company, give up driving and come to terms with many challenges of memory loss. But as some doors closed, Mann pushed open many others. Read more.



AGE-WELL Connect Program

AGE-WELL supports the active participation of older adults and caregivers in Canada’s vibrant technology and aging community. Thanks to our CONNECT funding program, AGE-WELL provides older adults and caregivers with access to new and exciting learning opportunities, such as conferences, workshops and lectures. Learn more about CONNECT and apply here.