Older Adult and Caregiver Advisory Committee

All AGE-WELL older adults and caregivers are general members of the Older Adult and Caregiver Advisory Committee (OACAC). The OACAC is operated through an appointed committee that acts on behalf of all OACAC members and reports to the AGE-WELL Scientific Directors.

1. Phil Davis photo

Phil Davis

Co-Chair and Ontario Region Representative


Ron Beleno


3. Sherry Baker - photo

Sherry Baker

Vice Chair

4. Caron Leid

Caron Leid

Vice Chair

5. Doug Gayton

Doug Gayton

Pacific Region Representative

6. Marjorie Moulton photo

Marjorie Moulton

Pacific Region Representative

7. G Burn Evans

G Burn Evans

West-Central Region Representative

8. Lisa Poole photo

Lisa Poole

West-Central Region Representative

9. Chaitali Desai_Picture_2020

Chaitali Desai

Ontario Region Representative

11. Olive Bryanton

Olive Bryanton

Atlantic Region Representative

Roger Marple

Roger Marple

Member at Large


Susan Kirkland

AGE-WELL Board Member (observer)


Alex Mihalidis

AGE-WELL Scientific Director (observer)


Andrew Sixsmith

AGE-WELL Scientific Director (observer)


Bridgette Murphy

AGE-WELL Managing Director (observer)


Dorina Simeonov

AGE-WELL Policy and Knowledge Mobilization Manager (observer)