7. G Burn Evans

G. Burn Evans

G. Burn Evans (Burn) is a 4th generation Albertan married with three children and 8 grandchildren. He has University of Alberta degrees focused on engineering, psychology and business. He is a former provincial employee, financial planner (CLU; CFP) and university teacher. He has played many sports, and has been a sports coach since age 14. He trained in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) as a coach in soccer, swimming, hockey, volleyball and baseball. He was a leader, leader trainer and district commissioner for Boy Scouts, President of the South Side Swim Club and co-founder of the Keyano Swim Club. He has held roles as an international swim official, board member of Swim Canada and a volunteer sport psychologist to high school teams. He was chair of an advisory committee to the Dean of Medicine, an interviewer of prospective medical students and a patient-mentor to medical students. He has been president of the Edmonton Association for Gifted Children, The Lynne Singers Society, and CASE (a post-cardiac exercise club), and a board member of the Land Stewardship Centre of Canada. Mr. Evans is a co-founder of his Community League, and has experience as an actor (film and voice). Currently, he volunteers with AGE-WELL as a member of the OACAC and a beta tester of brain games. He is also editor and voice actor for introductory videos of the brain games.