Arjun Puri

Arjun Puri is a cofounder and Chief Technology Officer. His experiences in informatics, health systems, and scientific research have translated to deep expertise in digital health innovation. He cofounded Luxsonic Technologies to help healthcare organizations improve access to health care services through immersive technologies like VR and AR. Arjun received his MSc in Health Systems and Public Health from the University of Waterloo and has 10+ years of experience in health technology innovation, assessment, and management. He has experience working with health systems across Canada. Prior to founding Luxsonic, he supported Alberta Health Services (AHS) as a Sr. Consultant for Digital Health Innovation where he served as a strategic leader with clinical and applied research expertise for undertaking the selection, testing, validating and implementation of innovative digital health and information technologies for AHS. Arjun is also an alumnus of the AGE-WELL NCE, where his research focused on mHealth devices and data-driven decision making in health care.