Reports & Other Resources

Living under COVID-19 restrictions: The experiences of older adults and caregivers
AGE-WELL NCE, Older Adult and Caregiver Advisory Committee, June 2020

Playful Aging: Digital Games for Older Adults (EN | FR)
AGE-WELL NCE, Workpackage 4.2, February 2020

The Future of Technology and Aging Research in Canada
AGE-WELL NCE, November 2018

Access to Assistive Technology in Canada: A Jurisdictional Scan of Programs
AGE-WELL NCE, University of Toronto, McMaster Health Forum, and March of Dimes Canada, June 2017

Disrupting Alzheimer’s: The Opportunities for Technology in Alzheimer’s Disease
AGE-WELL NCE and the Global Council on Alzheimer’s Disease, September 2016