AGE-WELL Research

a group of seniors

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AGE-WELL research focuses on creating innovative solutions to support healthy aging. Our researchers are developing real-world products ― technologies, services and policies/practices ― to enhance the lives of older adults and caregivers.

Our collaborators include industry, non-profits, government, older adults and caregivers. Together, we are accelerating innovation in the field of technology and aging to improve quality of life, and produce social and economic benefits for Canadians and the global community.

AGE-WELL research is wide-ranging. Our researchers are developing technologies like “smart” wheelchairs, robots that help with everyday tasks, and sensor systems that monitor health and give early warning signs of decline. They are addressing important issues that come with technological change, such as privacy, ethics and access. Another active area of research is public policy ― and how it can support the growth of new technologies.

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