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  • CC1. Knowledge Mobilization and Commercialization will support a fully integrated knowledge mobilization approach, which includes commercialization, to encourage researchers to jointly develop research agendas with stakeholders, and to support innovation.
  •  CC2. Ethics and Practice will support and advise projects, partners, and stakeholders on ethical issues relating to technology development and delivery, including disparities in access and usage of emerging technologies.
  • CC3. Collaborative Research will transcend disciplinary boundaries across AGE-WELL`s eight Challenge Areas by providing practical advice on project team-building, relationship building with partners and stakeholders, working collaboratively and inclusively, dealing with complex problems.
  • CC4.  Evaluation and Impact will develop and apply best practices in methodologies and evaluation approaches that are suitable to the type of work being completed in AGE-WELL.
  • CC5. User-Driven Research will provide support and resources to the entire network research enterprise so that it is driven by user involvement in all stages of the research process from setting agendas through to knowledge mobilization, commercialization and evaluation.
  • CC6. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion will build upon the outcomes of our 2019 network audit and policies and practices provided by the Tri-Council Agencies to ensure that all research projects learn about and apply equity, diversity and inclusion principles and tools in their research.


2015 -2020 Crosscutting Activities
CC1 Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge mobilization is connecting people with people and people with evidence. It is about getting the right information to the right people in the right format at the right time, with the intent of influencing decision-making among older adults, caregivers, and key stakeholders.

CC1 will support AGE-WELL network members by:

  • providing knowledge mobilization tools, workshops, and advice, at the project and network level
  • conducting research and evaluation of knowledge mobilization activities
  • contributing to the overall knowledge mobilization strategy for AGE-WELL

Download “A resource for knowledge mobilization in aging and technology” (PDF)

CC2 Commercialization and Technology Transfer

Commercialization is the process of making a new product or service available on the market. At AGE-WELL, our researchers hope to see their efforts improve the health and well-being of Canadian older adults and their caregivers. The commercialization and distribution of products make this a reality.

CC2 will support AGE-WELL network members by:

  • working with our industry partners and project leaders to better understand pathways for innovation
  • developing novel and innovative approaches to commercialize the outcomes (both technology and services) of AGE-WELL
  • providing practical advice and tools to conduct market and policy analyses, service and business modeling, development of ethical guidelines and technical standards 

Download “A resource for commercialization and technology transfer in aging and technology” (PDF)

CC3 Transdisciplinary Working

Transdisciplinary working is an approach to research that involves scientists from diverse academic disciplines and experiential stakeholders (e.g. older adults and caregivers, industry and community, policymakers) as researchers or partners. The aim of this type of approach is to solve complex social problems by developing innovations and knowledge that have real-world impact.

CC3 will support AGE-WELL network members by:

  • developing shared concepts and understandings, goals and working practices in order to work effectively as a single team to tackle the complexity of real-world problem domains
  • organizing workshops, journal clubs, seminars and other activities to ensure that AGE-WELL develops a common frame of reference and shared concepts in the area of transdisciplinary working
  • conducting research to capture the learning from transdisciplinary working activities across the network

Download “A resource for transdisciplinary working in aging and technology” (PDF)

CC4 Training and Mentorship

Through the EPIC (Early Professionals, Inspired Careers) program, CC4 emphasizes the development of skills, ideas, teamwork, and relationship-building to train HQP to be industry, academic, and community leaders in the development and introduction of technology to the health system and marketplace.

CC4 will support AGE-WELL network members by:

  • developing a unique training environment that exposes AGE-WELL trainees to multi-disciplinary research environments and to our industry and community partners through collaborative partnerships
  • conducting research that aims to both evaluate the current training program and to inform future programming
  • facilitating collaboration and mentorship, and offering experiential learning opportunities, courses, workshops, lectures, webinars, journal clubs, book clubs, and a summer institute

Download “A resource for training and mentorship in aging and technology” (PDF)

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