Research Programs and Projects

The Core Research Program supports large-scale projects and multidisciplinary teams of researchers and stakeholders. Core research projects focus not only on innovative technology-based solutions, but also include objectives and deliverables related to the practice, policy, and service delivery models that are needed for the solution to be effective.

The Platform Project Program supports projects that propose methodologies or solutions that will support initiatives across the entire network. Like core research projects, platform projects must be holistic in their approaches to developing and implementing solutions.

Read the media release and project summaries of the core research projects and platform projects funded in 2020.

The Strategic Investment Program (SIP) supports innovative post-discovery projects focused on the commercialization and/or knowledge mobilization of solutions.

Read about the strategic investment projects funded in 2020.

Interested in learning more about projects funded in AGE-WELL’s first five years? Visit Research Themes and Projects (2015-2020)