Training and Mentorship

AGE-WELL wants you to be EPIC!

AGE-WELL is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining outstanding Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP include trainees and research staff such as undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, research associates, research assistants, technicians, and summer students).

We aim to provide a unique training environment based on scientific excellence and real-world applicability that exposes HQP to multidisciplinary research environments within a truly collaborative environment in the area of technology and aging.

AGE-WELL’s training and mentorship program, called EPIC – Early Professionals, Inspired Careers – is membership-based and available worldwide to those studying or working in the technology and aging sector whether or not they are funded through AGE-WELL’s research program.
There are currently two ways to access AGE-WELL’s HQP programming:

  1. HQP who are funded through one of AGE-WELL’s Core Research Projects or who are recipients of an AGE-WELL Graduate Student or Postdoctoral Award in Technology and Aging are automatically enrolled in the EPIC training program and work towards completion of the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow certificate.
  2. Through AGE-WELL’s Affiliates Program we offer broad membership access to AGE-WELL exclusive programming including pitch and poster competitions, industry placements, travel awards, and the opportunity to enroll in EPIC and earn the AGE-WELL Innovators of Tomorrow certificate. Access to the Affiliates Program requires an application.

Funding Opportunities

Training Opportunities