AGE-WELL Emerging Entrepreneur Award in Technology and Aging

The AGE-WELL Emerging Entrepreneur Award supports the development of emerging entrepreneurs to create and grow an innovative start-up with potential social and economic impact in Canada. The innovation must address one of AGE-WELL’s 8 Challenge Areas to shape the future of technology and aging research in Canada.

This $50,000 award is designed to give a new entrepreneur the financial resources to focus on making their ideas viable and rapidly deployable in service to our stakeholders.

AGE-WELL is grateful to the Yuen Family Foundation for their generosity in supporting the Emerging Entrepreneur Award Program.

Award Value and Term

The AGE-WELL Emerging Entrepreneur Award is a 1 year, (not renewable) $50,000 salary award. Award funds will flow as salary support in compliance with AGE-WELL grant administration guidelines and practices.

The Emerging Entrepreneur program will also provide recipients with additional mentorship and training from various members within the AGE-WELL network including AGE-WELL’s Chief Entrepreneur and CEO of Rakuten Kobo, Michael Tamblyn. Recipients will be matched to key mentors who will work with and support the funded entrepreneur in building or growing their business.

Recipients will have access to AGE-WELL member benefits and specialized services from AGE-WELL partners and Core Facilities, such as legal guidance, commercialization and knowledge mobilization support, access to prototyping labs, and entrepreneurship training.


In order to be considered for the AGE-WELL Emerging Entrepreneur Award funding applicants must:

  1. Be current students or post-doctoral fellows, be graduates from a postsecondary institution within the last three years or have completed a post-doctoral fellowship within the last three years. Eligible applicants will be seeking to turn their innovation into a viable business through an existing or planned start-up company.
  2. Be over the age of 18 and residents of Canada.
  3. Innovations previously funded by AGE-WELL project grants (i.e. Core Research Project, Catalyst, SIP or CIP grants) may be supported through this program. However, applicants are unable to hold funds from two 12-month AGE-WELL funding or award programs concurrently for the same project idea and may hold and an Emerging Entrepreneur Award only once.
  4. Be able to commit 20+ hours per week towards developing or scaling their business.

Program Requirements

  • Award recipients are expected to participate actively in the network, including cooperation in the publicizing of any success stories arising from this award.
  • Recipients are required to participate in and complete AGE-WELL’s Early Entrepreneur Training Program within the Award Term.
  • Award recipients are expected to hold, at minimum, quarterly meetings with their assigned mentors to ensure ongoing progress towards project goals.
  • Recipients are required to complete a final report on outcomes and impact due November 2024.
  • Recipients will acknowledge the AGE-WELL Emerging Entrepreneur Award program in their presentations, publications, and other knowledge translation activities related to research conducted during their funding period. Recipients are required to use the AGE-WELL logo on their posters and other materials related to research conducted during their funding period and cooperate in the publicising of any success stories arising from this award.

Application and Review Process

All applications will be reviewed by a team of field experts using the following criteria:

  • rationale and approach
  • feasibility
  • your value proposition
  • fit with AGE-WELL vision and mission

Applications Open: 1 September 2023
Completed Applications Due:  30 September 2023
Funding Commences: November 2023

How to Apply

Emerging Entrepreneur Award applications will be accepted through AGE-WELL’s Forum Research Portal

Once you are ready to submit an application online:

  1. If you have not already done so, you must register with the AGE-WELL Forum Research Portal at form will ask for your name and email).
  2. After you submit the registration form, the system will create an account and send your credentials to the email address you provided.
  3. Once you login, you will have to reset your temporary password.
  4. Finally, you can proceed to fill out the application form; the “My Applications” link is in the top right of the page you will reach after resetting your password. Please select “Emerging Entrepreneur.” Make sure to read the instructions on the first page of the application process carefully.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact

For application questions, please contact