AGE-WELL’s 5th Annual EPIC Summer Institute

Co-Creating Possibilities: Health Care & Health Service Delivery

Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and Conference Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon | June 22 – 26, 2020


Applications will only be accepted through Forum

Older adults and caregivers want access to quality and equitable health care that is proactive in addressing their needs and enhances their ability to live an active and healthy life. However, Canada’s health-care system is complex, and older adults and caregivers often face challenges such as getting to doctor’s appointments, obtaining health records, navigating the system and affording new technologies that improve quality of care. These challenges are only compounded when faced in a remote or rural setting.

From virtual care platforms to wearable health technologies, there is an unprecedented opportunity for disruptive technology to improve the health and quality of life of rural and remote seniors, create more sustainable or integrated health-care solutions, and open up new possibilities for businesses and government.

2020 AGE-WELL Summer Institute applicants will work directly with stakeholders to co-create innovative solutions – technologies, policies, and services – that will empower older adults to play an active role in their own health management and provide caregivers with peace of mind.


  • Applicants must be current network HQP in good standing (e.g. have completed reporting requirements, returned all signed documents etc.) who have not attended a previous AGE-WELL Summer Institute
  • Preference will be given to HQP who have made measurable progress towards completing, or have completed, the EPIC (Early Professionals, Inspired Careers) training program

AGE-WELL will cover the cost of economy travel, accommodation, breakfasts and lunches for all Canadian-based applicants. Those requiring international flights will be asked to cover the cost of their travel to Erik Neilsen Whitehorse International Airport.


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