Workpackages – Core Research Projects Listing

Workpackage 1 – NEEDS-OA: Core Research Projects

WP1.1 RRITE – Rural/Remote Indigenous Technology Needs Exploration
WP1.2 TUNGSTEN- Tools for User Needs Gathering to Support Technology Engagement
WP1.3 OA-INVOLVE – Older Adults’ Needs, Experiences and Preferences for AT

Workpackage 2 – NEEDS-CG: Core Research Projects

WP2.1 INToCARE – Innovative Technology for Caregivers
WP2.2 MOVIT-PLUS – Portal for the Systematic Monitoring and Training of User-Caregiver Dyads after Provision of Assistive Devices
WP2.3 CARE-RATE – Online Assistive Technology Rating and Recommending System for Caregivers
WP2.4 ATaCC – Assistive Technologies that Care for the Caregiver

Workpackage 3 – TECH-FAI: Core Research Projects

WP3.1 VIGIL – Mobile Robotics for Activities of Daily Living Assistance
WP3.2 CoPILOT – Collaborative Power Mobility for an Aging Population
WP3.3 DIY-AIDE – Adaptable Intelligent Domestic Environments

Workpackage 4 – TECH-APS: Core Research Projects

WP4.1 CONNECT-TECH – Promoting Social Connectedness through New and Innovative Communication Platforms
WP4.2 CONNECT-PLAY – Digital Social Games for Learning and Entertainment
WP4.3 CONNECT-CREATE – Promoting Social Connectedness through Collaborating on Digital Storytelling and Knowledge Creation and Sharing

Workpackage 5 – TECH-DD: Core Research Projects

WP5.1 AMBI-MON – Ambient-based Physiological and Functional MonitoringProjects
WP5.2 PRED-FALL – Technologies to Predict, Prevent and Detect Falls
WP5.3 IIES-PHYS – An In-home Intelligent Exercise System for Physical Rehabilitation, Enhancing Musculoskeletal Function and Preventing Adverse Events

Workpackage 6 – TECH-MCH: Core Research Projects

WP6.1 MEN-ASSESS – ICT Applications for Screening, Assessment and Interventions to Enhance Mental Health
WP6.2 COG-ASSESS – Automated Assessments of Cognitive Impairment using Environment-based Sensing
WP6.3 PAIN-ASSESS – The Development and Validation of Computer Vision Technologies for Automated Agitation, Aggression and Pain Prediction in Dementia

Workpackage 7 – POLICY-TECH: Core Research Projects

WP7.1 PRI-TECH – Policy and Regulatory Issues in Enabling Technological Innovation
WP7.2 DRIVE – Developing Regional Innovation Ecosystems
WP7.3 3DHC – Data-driven Decision-making in Healthcare

Workpackage 8 – ETHICS-TECH: Core Research Projects

WP8.1 AT-SELECT – E-decision Support for Self-selection of Assistive Technology by Elders to Reduce the Risk of Serious Functional Decline
WP8.3 PRIV-SENSE – Privacy, Security and Ethics of the Use of Emerging Technologies: Development and Validation of a Framework for Research and Policy